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Departure Times Cmutransit Opposite Side of Faculty of Veterinary Medicine Office of Agricultural Training and Research Center Science and Technology Park Chiangmai University Mae Hia Dormitory 3 Laboratory Animal Center Faculty of Agro-Industry Faculty of Veterinary Medicine Cmutransit
08:30:00AM 08:30:00AM 08:45:00AM 08:47:00AM 08:49:00AM 08:51:00AM 08:53:00AM 08:55:00AM 08:57:00AM 09:12:00AM
09:30:00AM 09:30:00AM 09:45:00AM 09:47:00AM 09:49:00AM 09:51:00AM 09:53:00AM 09:55:00AM 09:57:00AM 10:12:00AM
10:00:00AM 10:00:00AM 10:15:00AM 10:17:00AM 10:19:00AM 10:21:00AM 10:23:00AM 10:25:00AM 10:27:00AM 10:42:00AM
11:00:00AM 11:00:00AM 11:15:00AM 11:17:00AM 11:19:00AM 11:21:00AM 11:23:00AM 11:25:00AM 11:27:00AM 11:42:00AM
11:30:00AM 11:30:00AM 11:45:00AM 11:47:00AM 11:49:00AM 11:51:00AM 11:53:00AM 11:55:00AM 11:57:00AM 12:12:00PM
12:30:00PM 12:30:00PM 12:45:00PM 12:47:00PM 12:49:00PM 12:51:00PM 12:53:00PM 12:55:00PM 12:57:00PM 01:12:00PM
01:00:00PM 01:00:00PM 01:15:00PM 01:17:00PM 01:19:00PM 01:21:00PM 01:23:00PM 01:25:00PM 01:27:00PM 01:42:00PM
02:00:00PM 02:00:00PM 02:15:00PM 02:17:00PM 02:19:00PM 02:21:00PM 02:23:00PM 02:25:00PM 02:27:00PM 02:42:00PM
02:30:00PM 02:30:00PM 02:45:00PM 02:47:00PM 02:49:00PM 02:51:00PM 02:53:00PM 02:55:00PM 02:57:00PM 03:12:00PM
03:30:00PM 03:30:00PM 03:45:00PM 03:47:00PM 03:49:00PM 03:51:00PM 03:53:00PM 03:55:00PM 03:57:00PM 04:12:00PM
Times taken between the stops(second) 900 120 120 120 120 120 120 900

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