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Departure Times Electric Bus Parking Lot in front of Female Dormitory 3 CMU Cooperative Store Faculty of Social Sciences Sala at Dormitory Angkaew Ang Kaew Humanities Academic Service Center Opposite Side of ITSC Faculty Political Science Student Union of CMU Electric Bus Parking Lot in front of Female Dormitory 3
07:00:00AM 07:00:00AM 07:00:45AM 07:01:15AM 07:02:00AM 07:02:45AM 07:03:15AM 07:03:45AM 07:05:15AM 07:06:00AM 07:06:45AM
07:10:00AM 07:10:00AM 07:10:45AM 07:11:15AM 07:12:00AM 07:12:45AM 07:13:15AM 07:13:45AM 07:15:15AM 07:16:00AM 07:16:45AM
07:20:00AM 07:20:00AM 07:20:45AM 07:21:15AM 07:22:00AM 07:22:45AM 07:23:15AM 07:23:45AM 07:25:15AM 07:26:00AM 07:26:45AM
07:30:00AM 07:30:00AM 07:30:45AM 07:31:15AM 07:32:00AM 07:32:45AM 07:33:15AM 07:33:45AM 07:35:15AM 07:36:00AM 07:36:45AM
07:40:00AM 07:40:00AM 07:40:45AM 07:41:15AM 07:42:00AM 07:42:45AM 07:43:15AM 07:43:45AM 07:45:15AM 07:46:00AM 07:46:45AM
07:50:00AM 07:50:00AM 07:50:45AM 07:51:15AM 07:52:00AM 07:52:45AM 07:53:15AM 07:53:45AM 07:55:15AM 07:56:00AM 07:56:45AM
08:00:00AM 08:00:00AM 08:00:45AM 08:01:15AM 08:02:00AM 08:02:45AM 08:03:15AM 08:03:45AM 08:05:15AM 08:06:00AM 08:06:45AM
08:10:00AM 08:10:00AM 08:10:45AM 08:11:15AM 08:12:00AM 08:12:45AM 08:13:15AM 08:13:45AM 08:15:15AM 08:16:00AM 08:16:45AM
08:20:00AM 08:20:00AM 08:20:45AM 08:21:15AM 08:22:00AM 08:22:45AM 08:23:15AM 08:23:45AM 08:25:15AM 08:26:00AM 08:26:45AM
08:30:00AM 08:30:00AM 08:30:45AM 08:31:15AM 08:32:00AM 08:32:45AM 08:33:15AM 08:33:45AM 08:35:15AM 08:36:00AM 08:36:45AM
08:40:00AM 08:40:00AM 08:40:45AM 08:41:15AM 08:42:00AM 08:42:45AM 08:43:15AM 08:43:45AM 08:45:15AM 08:46:00AM 08:46:45AM
08:50:00AM 08:50:00AM 08:50:45AM 08:51:15AM 08:52:00AM 08:52:45AM 08:53:15AM 08:53:45AM 08:55:15AM 08:56:00AM 08:56:45AM
09:00:00AM 09:00:00AM 09:00:45AM 09:01:15AM 09:02:00AM 09:02:45AM 09:03:15AM 09:03:45AM 09:05:15AM 09:06:00AM 09:06:45AM
09:10:00AM 09:10:00AM 09:10:45AM 09:11:15AM 09:12:00AM 09:12:45AM 09:13:15AM 09:13:45AM 09:15:15AM 09:16:00AM 09:16:45AM
09:20:00AM 09:20:00AM 09:20:45AM 09:21:15AM 09:22:00AM 09:22:45AM 09:23:15AM 09:23:45AM 09:25:15AM 09:26:00AM 09:26:45AM
09:30:00AM 09:30:00AM 09:30:45AM 09:31:15AM 09:32:00AM 09:32:45AM 09:33:15AM 09:33:45AM 09:35:15AM 09:36:00AM 09:36:45AM
09:40:00AM 09:40:00AM 09:40:45AM 09:41:15AM 09:42:00AM 09:42:45AM 09:43:15AM 09:43:45AM 09:45:15AM 09:46:00AM 09:46:45AM
09:50:00AM 09:50:00AM 09:50:45AM 09:51:15AM 09:52:00AM 09:52:45AM 09:53:15AM 09:53:45AM 09:55:15AM 09:56:00AM 09:56:45AM
10:00:00AM 10:00:00AM 10:00:45AM 10:01:15AM 10:02:00AM 10:02:45AM 10:03:15AM 10:03:45AM 10:05:15AM 10:06:00AM 10:06:45AM
10:10:00AM 10:10:00AM 10:10:45AM 10:11:15AM 10:12:00AM 10:12:45AM 10:13:15AM 10:13:45AM 10:15:15AM 10:16:00AM 10:16:45AM
10:20:00AM 10:20:00AM 10:20:45AM 10:21:15AM 10:22:00AM 10:22:45AM 10:23:15AM 10:23:45AM 10:25:15AM 10:26:00AM 10:26:45AM
10:30:00AM 10:30:00AM 10:30:45AM 10:31:15AM 10:32:00AM 10:32:45AM 10:33:15AM 10:33:45AM 10:35:15AM 10:36:00AM 10:36:45AM
10:40:00AM 10:40:00AM 10:40:45AM 10:41:15AM 10:42:00AM 10:42:45AM 10:43:15AM 10:43:45AM 10:45:15AM 10:46:00AM 10:46:45AM
10:50:00AM 10:50:00AM 10:50:45AM 10:51:15AM 10:52:00AM 10:52:45AM 10:53:15AM 10:53:45AM 10:55:15AM 10:56:00AM 10:56:45AM
11:00:00AM 11:00:00AM 11:00:45AM 11:01:15AM 11:02:00AM 11:02:45AM 11:03:15AM 11:03:45AM 11:05:15AM 11:06:00AM 11:06:45AM
11:06:00AM 11:06:00AM 11:06:45AM 11:07:15AM 11:08:00AM 11:08:45AM 11:09:15AM 11:09:45AM 11:11:15AM 11:12:00AM 11:12:45AM
11:12:00AM 11:12:00AM 11:12:45AM 11:13:15AM 11:14:00AM 11:14:45AM 11:15:15AM 11:15:45AM 11:17:15AM 11:18:00AM 11:18:45AM
11:18:00AM 11:18:00AM 11:18:45AM 11:19:15AM 11:20:00AM 11:20:45AM 11:21:15AM 11:21:45AM 11:23:15AM 11:24:00AM 11:24:45AM
11:24:00AM 11:24:00AM 11:24:45AM 11:25:15AM 11:26:00AM 11:26:45AM 11:27:15AM 11:27:45AM 11:29:15AM 11:30:00AM 11:30:45AM
11:30:00AM 11:30:00AM 11:30:45AM 11:31:15AM 11:32:00AM 11:32:45AM 11:33:15AM 11:33:45AM 11:35:15AM 11:36:00AM 11:36:45AM
11:36:00AM 11:36:00AM 11:36:45AM 11:37:15AM 11:38:00AM 11:38:45AM 11:39:15AM 11:39:45AM 11:41:15AM 11:42:00AM 11:42:45AM
11:42:00AM 11:42:00AM 11:42:45AM 11:43:15AM 11:44:00AM 11:44:45AM 11:45:15AM 11:45:45AM 11:47:15AM 11:48:00AM 11:48:45AM
11:48:00AM 11:48:00AM 11:48:45AM 11:49:15AM 11:50:00AM 11:50:45AM 11:51:15AM 11:51:45AM 11:53:15AM 11:54:00AM 11:54:45AM
11:54:00AM 11:54:00AM 11:54:45AM 11:55:15AM 11:56:00AM 11:56:45AM 11:57:15AM 11:57:45AM 11:59:15AM 12:00:00PM 12:00:45PM
12:00:00PM 12:00:00PM 12:00:45PM 12:01:15PM 12:02:00PM 12:02:45PM 12:03:15PM 12:03:45PM 12:05:15PM 12:06:00PM 12:06:45PM
12:06:00PM 12:06:00PM 12:06:45PM 12:07:15PM 12:08:00PM 12:08:45PM 12:09:15PM 12:09:45PM 12:11:15PM 12:12:00PM 12:12:45PM
12:12:00PM 12:12:00PM 12:12:45PM 12:13:15PM 12:14:00PM 12:14:45PM 12:15:15PM 12:15:45PM 12:17:15PM 12:18:00PM 12:18:45PM
12:18:00PM 12:18:00PM 12:18:45PM 12:19:15PM 12:20:00PM 12:20:45PM 12:21:15PM 12:21:45PM 12:23:15PM 12:24:00PM 12:24:45PM
12:24:00PM 12:24:00PM 12:24:45PM 12:25:15PM 12:26:00PM 12:26:45PM 12:27:15PM 12:27:45PM 12:29:15PM 12:30:00PM 12:30:45PM
12:30:00PM 12:30:00PM 12:30:45PM 12:31:15PM 12:32:00PM 12:32:45PM 12:33:15PM 12:33:45PM 12:35:15PM 12:36:00PM 12:36:45PM
12:36:00PM 12:36:00PM 12:36:45PM 12:37:15PM 12:38:00PM 12:38:45PM 12:39:15PM 12:39:45PM 12:41:15PM 12:42:00PM 12:42:45PM
12:42:00PM 12:42:00PM 12:42:45PM 12:43:15PM 12:44:00PM 12:44:45PM 12:45:15PM 12:45:45PM 12:47:15PM 12:48:00PM 12:48:45PM
12:48:00PM 12:48:00PM 12:48:45PM 12:49:15PM 12:50:00PM 12:50:45PM 12:51:15PM 12:51:45PM 12:53:15PM 12:54:00PM 12:54:45PM
12:54:00PM 12:54:00PM 12:54:45PM 12:55:15PM 12:56:00PM 12:56:45PM 12:57:15PM 12:57:45PM 12:59:15PM 01:00:00PM 01:00:45PM
01:00:00PM 01:00:00PM 01:00:45PM 01:01:15PM 01:02:00PM 01:02:45PM 01:03:15PM 01:03:45PM 01:05:15PM 01:06:00PM 01:06:45PM
01:10:00PM 01:10:00PM 01:10:45PM 01:11:15PM 01:12:00PM 01:12:45PM 01:13:15PM 01:13:45PM 01:15:15PM 01:16:00PM 01:16:45PM
01:20:00PM 01:20:00PM 01:20:45PM 01:21:15PM 01:22:00PM 01:22:45PM 01:23:15PM 01:23:45PM 01:25:15PM 01:26:00PM 01:26:45PM
01:30:00PM 01:30:00PM 01:30:45PM 01:31:15PM 01:32:00PM 01:32:45PM 01:33:15PM 01:33:45PM 01:35:15PM 01:36:00PM 01:36:45PM
01:40:00PM 01:40:00PM 01:40:45PM 01:41:15PM 01:42:00PM 01:42:45PM 01:43:15PM 01:43:45PM 01:45:15PM 01:46:00PM 01:46:45PM
01:50:00PM 01:50:00PM 01:50:45PM 01:51:15PM 01:52:00PM 01:52:45PM 01:53:15PM 01:53:45PM 01:55:15PM 01:56:00PM 01:56:45PM
02:00:00PM 02:00:00PM 02:00:45PM 02:01:15PM 02:02:00PM 02:02:45PM 02:03:15PM 02:03:45PM 02:05:15PM 02:06:00PM 02:06:45PM
02:10:00PM 02:10:00PM 02:10:45PM 02:11:15PM 02:12:00PM 02:12:45PM 02:13:15PM 02:13:45PM 02:15:15PM 02:16:00PM 02:16:45PM
02:20:00PM 02:20:00PM 02:20:45PM 02:21:15PM 02:22:00PM 02:22:45PM 02:23:15PM 02:23:45PM 02:25:15PM 02:26:00PM 02:26:45PM
02:30:00PM 02:30:00PM 02:30:45PM 02:31:15PM 02:32:00PM 02:32:45PM 02:33:15PM 02:33:45PM 02:35:15PM 02:36:00PM 02:36:45PM
02:40:00PM 02:40:00PM 02:40:45PM 02:41:15PM 02:42:00PM 02:42:45PM 02:43:15PM 02:43:45PM 02:45:15PM 02:46:00PM 02:46:45PM
02:50:00PM 02:50:00PM 02:50:45PM 02:51:15PM 02:52:00PM 02:52:45PM 02:53:15PM 02:53:45PM 02:55:15PM 02:56:00PM 02:56:45PM
03:00:00PM 03:00:00PM 03:00:45PM 03:01:15PM 03:02:00PM 03:02:45PM 03:03:15PM 03:03:45PM 03:05:15PM 03:06:00PM 03:06:45PM
03:10:00PM 03:10:00PM 03:10:45PM 03:11:15PM 03:12:00PM 03:12:45PM 03:13:15PM 03:13:45PM 03:15:15PM 03:16:00PM 03:16:45PM
03:20:00PM 03:20:00PM 03:20:45PM 03:21:15PM 03:22:00PM 03:22:45PM 03:23:15PM 03:23:45PM 03:25:15PM 03:26:00PM 03:26:45PM
03:30:00PM 03:30:00PM 03:30:45PM 03:31:15PM 03:32:00PM 03:32:45PM 03:33:15PM 03:33:45PM 03:35:15PM 03:36:00PM 03:36:45PM
03:40:00PM 03:40:00PM 03:40:45PM 03:41:15PM 03:42:00PM 03:42:45PM 03:43:15PM 03:43:45PM 03:45:15PM 03:46:00PM 03:46:45PM
03:50:00PM 03:50:00PM 03:50:45PM 03:51:15PM 03:52:00PM 03:52:45PM 03:53:15PM 03:53:45PM 03:55:15PM 03:56:00PM 03:56:45PM
04:00:00PM 04:00:00PM 04:00:45PM 04:01:15PM 04:02:00PM 04:02:45PM 04:03:15PM 04:03:45PM 04:05:15PM 04:06:00PM 04:06:45PM
04:10:00PM 04:10:00PM 04:10:45PM 04:11:15PM 04:12:00PM 04:12:45PM 04:13:15PM 04:13:45PM 04:15:15PM 04:16:00PM 04:16:45PM
04:20:00PM 04:20:00PM 04:20:45PM 04:21:15PM 04:22:00PM 04:22:45PM 04:23:15PM 04:23:45PM 04:25:15PM 04:26:00PM 04:26:45PM
04:30:00PM 04:30:00PM 04:30:45PM 04:31:15PM 04:32:00PM 04:32:45PM 04:33:15PM 04:33:45PM 04:35:15PM 04:36:00PM 04:36:45PM
04:40:00PM 04:40:00PM 04:40:45PM 04:41:15PM 04:42:00PM 04:42:45PM 04:43:15PM 04:43:45PM 04:45:15PM 04:46:00PM 04:46:45PM
04:50:00PM 04:50:00PM 04:50:45PM 04:51:15PM 04:52:00PM 04:52:45PM 04:53:15PM 04:53:45PM 04:55:15PM 04:56:00PM 04:56:45PM
05:00:00PM 05:00:00PM 05:00:45PM 05:01:15PM 05:02:00PM 05:02:45PM 05:03:15PM 05:03:45PM 05:05:15PM 05:06:00PM 05:06:45PM
05:06:00PM 05:06:00PM 05:06:45PM 05:07:15PM 05:08:00PM 05:08:45PM 05:09:15PM 05:09:45PM 05:11:15PM 05:12:00PM 05:12:45PM
05:12:00PM 05:12:00PM 05:12:45PM 05:13:15PM 05:14:00PM 05:14:45PM 05:15:15PM 05:15:45PM 05:17:15PM 05:18:00PM 05:18:45PM
05:18:00PM 05:18:00PM 05:18:45PM 05:19:15PM 05:20:00PM 05:20:45PM 05:21:15PM 05:21:45PM 05:23:15PM 05:24:00PM 05:24:45PM
05:24:00PM 05:24:00PM 05:24:45PM 05:25:15PM 05:26:00PM 05:26:45PM 05:27:15PM 05:27:45PM 05:29:15PM 05:30:00PM 05:30:45PM
05:30:00PM 05:30:00PM 05:30:45PM 05:31:15PM 05:32:00PM 05:32:45PM 05:33:15PM 05:33:45PM 05:35:15PM 05:36:00PM 05:36:45PM
05:36:00PM 05:36:00PM 05:36:45PM 05:37:15PM 05:38:00PM 05:38:45PM 05:39:15PM 05:39:45PM 05:41:15PM 05:42:00PM 05:42:45PM
05:42:00PM 05:42:00PM 05:42:45PM 05:43:15PM 05:44:00PM 05:44:45PM 05:45:15PM 05:45:45PM 05:47:15PM 05:48:00PM 05:48:45PM
05:48:00PM 05:48:00PM 05:48:45PM 05:49:15PM 05:50:00PM 05:50:45PM 05:51:15PM 05:51:45PM 05:53:15PM 05:54:00PM 05:54:45PM
05:54:00PM 05:54:00PM 05:54:45PM 05:55:15PM 05:56:00PM 05:56:45PM 05:57:15PM 05:57:45PM 05:59:15PM 06:00:00PM 06:00:45PM
06:00:00PM 06:00:00PM 06:00:45PM 06:01:15PM 06:02:00PM 06:02:45PM 06:03:15PM 06:03:45PM 06:05:15PM 06:06:00PM 06:06:45PM
06:06:00PM 06:06:00PM 06:06:45PM 06:07:15PM 06:08:00PM 06:08:45PM 06:09:15PM 06:09:45PM 06:11:15PM 06:12:00PM 06:12:45PM
06:12:00PM 06:12:00PM 06:12:45PM 06:13:15PM 06:14:00PM 06:14:45PM 06:15:15PM 06:15:45PM 06:17:15PM 06:18:00PM 06:18:45PM
06:18:00PM 06:18:00PM 06:18:45PM 06:19:15PM 06:20:00PM 06:20:45PM 06:21:15PM 06:21:45PM 06:23:15PM 06:24:00PM 06:24:45PM
06:24:00PM 06:24:00PM 06:24:45PM 06:25:15PM 06:26:00PM 06:26:45PM 06:27:15PM 06:27:45PM 06:29:15PM 06:30:00PM 06:30:45PM
06:30:00PM 06:30:00PM 06:30:45PM 06:31:15PM 06:32:00PM 06:32:45PM 06:33:15PM 06:33:45PM 06:35:15PM 06:36:00PM 06:36:45PM
06:36:00PM 06:36:00PM 06:36:45PM 06:37:15PM 06:38:00PM 06:38:45PM 06:39:15PM 06:39:45PM 06:41:15PM 06:42:00PM 06:42:45PM
06:42:00PM 06:42:00PM 06:42:45PM 06:43:15PM 06:44:00PM 06:44:45PM 06:45:15PM 06:45:45PM 06:47:15PM 06:48:00PM 06:48:45PM
06:48:00PM 06:48:00PM 06:48:45PM 06:49:15PM 06:50:00PM 06:50:45PM 06:51:15PM 06:51:45PM 06:53:15PM 06:54:00PM 06:54:45PM
06:54:00PM 06:54:00PM 06:54:45PM 06:55:15PM 06:56:00PM 06:56:45PM 06:57:15PM 06:57:45PM 06:59:15PM 07:00:00PM 07:00:45PM
07:00:00PM 07:00:00PM 07:00:45PM 07:01:15PM 07:02:00PM 07:02:45PM 07:03:15PM 07:03:45PM 07:05:15PM 07:06:00PM 07:06:45PM
07:06:00PM 07:06:00PM 07:06:45PM 07:07:15PM 07:08:00PM 07:08:45PM 07:09:15PM 07:09:45PM 07:11:15PM 07:12:00PM 07:12:45PM
07:12:00PM 07:12:00PM 07:12:45PM 07:13:15PM 07:14:00PM 07:14:45PM 07:15:15PM 07:15:45PM 07:17:15PM 07:18:00PM 07:18:45PM
07:18:00PM 07:18:00PM 07:18:45PM 07:19:15PM 07:20:00PM 07:20:45PM 07:21:15PM 07:21:45PM 07:23:15PM 07:24:00PM 07:24:45PM
07:24:00PM 07:24:00PM 07:24:45PM 07:25:15PM 07:26:00PM 07:26:45PM 07:27:15PM 07:27:45PM 07:29:15PM 07:30:00PM 07:30:45PM
07:30:00PM 07:30:00PM 07:30:45PM 07:31:15PM 07:32:00PM 07:32:45PM 07:33:15PM 07:33:45PM 07:35:15PM 07:36:00PM 07:36:45PM
07:36:00PM 07:36:00PM 07:36:45PM 07:37:15PM 07:38:00PM 07:38:45PM 07:39:15PM 07:39:45PM 07:41:15PM 07:42:00PM 07:42:45PM
07:42:00PM 07:42:00PM 07:42:45PM 07:43:15PM 07:44:00PM 07:44:45PM 07:45:15PM 07:45:45PM 07:47:15PM 07:48:00PM 07:48:45PM
07:48:00PM 07:48:00PM 07:48:45PM 07:49:15PM 07:50:00PM 07:50:45PM 07:51:15PM 07:51:45PM 07:53:15PM 07:54:00PM 07:54:45PM
07:54:00PM 07:54:00PM 07:54:45PM 07:55:15PM 07:56:00PM 07:56:45PM 07:57:15PM 07:57:45PM 07:59:15PM 08:00:00PM 08:00:45PM
08:00:00PM 08:00:00PM 08:00:45PM 08:01:15PM 08:02:00PM 08:02:45PM 08:03:15PM 08:03:45PM 08:05:15PM 08:06:00PM 08:06:45PM
08:10:00PM 08:10:00PM 08:10:45PM 08:11:15PM 08:12:00PM 08:12:45PM 08:13:15PM 08:13:45PM 08:15:15PM 08:16:00PM 08:16:45PM
08:20:00PM 08:20:00PM 08:20:45PM 08:21:15PM 08:22:00PM 08:22:45PM 08:23:15PM 08:23:45PM 08:25:15PM 08:26:00PM 08:26:45PM
08:30:00PM 08:30:00PM 08:30:45PM 08:31:15PM 08:32:00PM 08:32:45PM 08:33:15PM 08:33:45PM 08:35:15PM 08:36:00PM 08:36:45PM
08:40:00PM 08:40:00PM 08:40:45PM 08:41:15PM 08:42:00PM 08:42:45PM 08:43:15PM 08:43:45PM 08:45:15PM 08:46:00PM 08:46:45PM
08:50:00PM 08:50:00PM 08:50:45PM 08:51:15PM 08:52:00PM 08:52:45PM 08:53:15PM 08:53:45PM 08:55:15PM 08:56:00PM 08:56:45PM
09:00:00PM 09:00:00PM 09:00:45PM 09:01:15PM 09:02:00PM 09:02:45PM 09:03:15PM 09:03:45PM 09:05:15PM 09:06:00PM 09:06:45PM
09:10:00PM 09:10:00PM 09:10:45PM 09:11:15PM 09:12:00PM 09:12:45PM 09:13:15PM 09:13:45PM 09:15:15PM 09:16:00PM 09:16:45PM
09:20:00PM 09:20:00PM 09:20:45PM 09:21:15PM 09:22:00PM 09:22:45PM 09:23:15PM 09:23:45PM 09:25:15PM 09:26:00PM 09:26:45PM
09:30:00PM 09:30:00PM 09:30:45PM 09:31:15PM 09:32:00PM 09:32:45PM 09:33:15PM 09:33:45PM 09:35:15PM 09:36:00PM 09:36:45PM
09:40:00PM 09:40:00PM 09:40:45PM 09:41:15PM 09:42:00PM 09:42:45PM 09:43:15PM 09:43:45PM 09:45:15PM 09:46:00PM 09:46:45PM
09:50:00PM 09:50:00PM 09:50:45PM 09:51:15PM 09:52:00PM 09:52:45PM 09:53:15PM 09:53:45PM 09:55:15PM 09:56:00PM 09:56:45PM
Times taken between the stops(second) 45 30 45 45 30 30 90 45 45

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