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Departure Times Electric Bus Parking Lot in front of Female Dormitory 3 Fai Hin Market (Romsak Market) Parking Lot of Male Dormitory 4 (opposite to Faculty of Engineering) Rujirawong Swimming Pool Fine Arts Business Administration Cmutrasnit 40-Year Dormitory Sri Chompoo Dorm 7-11 Pai Rom Dorm Female 2 Electric Bus Parking Lot in front of Female Dormitory 3
07:00:00AM 07:00:00AM 07:01:00AM 07:03:00AM 07:05:00AM 07:07:00AM 07:07:30AM 07:09:30AM 07:10:30AM 07:11:00AM 07:11:30AM 07:12:00AM 07:12:30AM
07:10:00AM 07:10:00AM 07:11:00AM 07:13:00AM 07:15:00AM 07:17:00AM 07:17:30AM 07:19:30AM 07:20:30AM 07:21:00AM 07:21:30AM 07:22:00AM 07:22:30AM
07:20:00AM 07:20:00AM 07:21:00AM 07:23:00AM 07:25:00AM 07:27:00AM 07:27:30AM 07:29:30AM 07:30:30AM 07:31:00AM 07:31:30AM 07:32:00AM 07:32:30AM
07:30:00AM 07:30:00AM 07:31:00AM 07:33:00AM 07:35:00AM 07:37:00AM 07:37:30AM 07:39:30AM 07:40:30AM 07:41:00AM 07:41:30AM 07:42:00AM 07:42:30AM
07:40:00AM 07:40:00AM 07:41:00AM 07:43:00AM 07:45:00AM 07:47:00AM 07:47:30AM 07:49:30AM 07:50:30AM 07:51:00AM 07:51:30AM 07:52:00AM 07:52:30AM
07:50:00AM 07:50:00AM 07:51:00AM 07:53:00AM 07:55:00AM 07:57:00AM 07:57:30AM 07:59:30AM 08:00:30AM 08:01:00AM 08:01:30AM 08:02:00AM 08:02:30AM
08:00:00AM 08:00:00AM 08:01:00AM 08:03:00AM 08:05:00AM 08:07:00AM 08:07:30AM 08:09:30AM 08:10:30AM 08:11:00AM 08:11:30AM 08:12:00AM 08:12:30AM
08:10:00AM 08:10:00AM 08:11:00AM 08:13:00AM 08:15:00AM 08:17:00AM 08:17:30AM 08:19:30AM 08:20:30AM 08:21:00AM 08:21:30AM 08:22:00AM 08:22:30AM
08:20:00AM 08:20:00AM 08:21:00AM 08:23:00AM 08:25:00AM 08:27:00AM 08:27:30AM 08:29:30AM 08:30:30AM 08:31:00AM 08:31:30AM 08:32:00AM 08:32:30AM
08:30:00AM 08:30:00AM 08:31:00AM 08:33:00AM 08:35:00AM 08:37:00AM 08:37:30AM 08:39:30AM 08:40:30AM 08:41:00AM 08:41:30AM 08:42:00AM 08:42:30AM
08:40:00AM 08:40:00AM 08:41:00AM 08:43:00AM 08:45:00AM 08:47:00AM 08:47:30AM 08:49:30AM 08:50:30AM 08:51:00AM 08:51:30AM 08:52:00AM 08:52:30AM
08:50:00AM 08:50:00AM 08:51:00AM 08:53:00AM 08:55:00AM 08:57:00AM 08:57:30AM 08:59:30AM 09:00:30AM 09:01:00AM 09:01:30AM 09:02:00AM 09:02:30AM
09:00:00AM 09:00:00AM 09:01:00AM 09:03:00AM 09:05:00AM 09:07:00AM 09:07:30AM 09:09:30AM 09:10:30AM 09:11:00AM 09:11:30AM 09:12:00AM 09:12:30AM
09:10:00AM 09:10:00AM 09:11:00AM 09:13:00AM 09:15:00AM 09:17:00AM 09:17:30AM 09:19:30AM 09:20:30AM 09:21:00AM 09:21:30AM 09:22:00AM 09:22:30AM
09:20:00AM 09:20:00AM 09:21:00AM 09:23:00AM 09:25:00AM 09:27:00AM 09:27:30AM 09:29:30AM 09:30:30AM 09:31:00AM 09:31:30AM 09:32:00AM 09:32:30AM
09:30:00AM 09:30:00AM 09:31:00AM 09:33:00AM 09:35:00AM 09:37:00AM 09:37:30AM 09:39:30AM 09:40:30AM 09:41:00AM 09:41:30AM 09:42:00AM 09:42:30AM
09:40:00AM 09:40:00AM 09:41:00AM 09:43:00AM 09:45:00AM 09:47:00AM 09:47:30AM 09:49:30AM 09:50:30AM 09:51:00AM 09:51:30AM 09:52:00AM 09:52:30AM
09:50:00AM 09:50:00AM 09:51:00AM 09:53:00AM 09:55:00AM 09:57:00AM 09:57:30AM 09:59:30AM 10:00:30AM 10:01:00AM 10:01:30AM 10:02:00AM 10:02:30AM
10:00:00AM 10:00:00AM 10:01:00AM 10:03:00AM 10:05:00AM 10:07:00AM 10:07:30AM 10:09:30AM 10:10:30AM 10:11:00AM 10:11:30AM 10:12:00AM 10:12:30AM
10:10:00AM 10:10:00AM 10:11:00AM 10:13:00AM 10:15:00AM 10:17:00AM 10:17:30AM 10:19:30AM 10:20:30AM 10:21:00AM 10:21:30AM 10:22:00AM 10:22:30AM
10:20:00AM 10:20:00AM 10:21:00AM 10:23:00AM 10:25:00AM 10:27:00AM 10:27:30AM 10:29:30AM 10:30:30AM 10:31:00AM 10:31:30AM 10:32:00AM 10:32:30AM
10:30:00AM 10:30:00AM 10:31:00AM 10:33:00AM 10:35:00AM 10:37:00AM 10:37:30AM 10:39:30AM 10:40:30AM 10:41:00AM 10:41:30AM 10:42:00AM 10:42:30AM
10:40:00AM 10:40:00AM 10:41:00AM 10:43:00AM 10:45:00AM 10:47:00AM 10:47:30AM 10:49:30AM 10:50:30AM 10:51:00AM 10:51:30AM 10:52:00AM 10:52:30AM
10:50:00AM 10:50:00AM 10:51:00AM 10:53:00AM 10:55:00AM 10:57:00AM 10:57:30AM 10:59:30AM 11:00:30AM 11:01:00AM 11:01:30AM 11:02:00AM 11:02:30AM
11:00:00AM 11:00:00AM 11:01:00AM 11:03:00AM 11:05:00AM 11:07:00AM 11:07:30AM 11:09:30AM 11:10:30AM 11:11:00AM 11:11:30AM 11:12:00AM 11:12:30AM
11:06:00AM 11:06:00AM 11:07:00AM 11:09:00AM 11:11:00AM 11:13:00AM 11:13:30AM 11:15:30AM 11:16:30AM 11:17:00AM 11:17:30AM 11:18:00AM 11:18:30AM
11:12:00AM 11:12:00AM 11:13:00AM 11:15:00AM 11:17:00AM 11:19:00AM 11:19:30AM 11:21:30AM 11:22:30AM 11:23:00AM 11:23:30AM 11:24:00AM 11:24:30AM
11:18:00AM 11:18:00AM 11:19:00AM 11:21:00AM 11:23:00AM 11:25:00AM 11:25:30AM 11:27:30AM 11:28:30AM 11:29:00AM 11:29:30AM 11:30:00AM 11:30:30AM
11:24:00AM 11:24:00AM 11:25:00AM 11:27:00AM 11:29:00AM 11:31:00AM 11:31:30AM 11:33:30AM 11:34:30AM 11:35:00AM 11:35:30AM 11:36:00AM 11:36:30AM
11:30:00AM 11:30:00AM 11:31:00AM 11:33:00AM 11:35:00AM 11:37:00AM 11:37:30AM 11:39:30AM 11:40:30AM 11:41:00AM 11:41:30AM 11:42:00AM 11:42:30AM
11:36:00AM 11:36:00AM 11:37:00AM 11:39:00AM 11:41:00AM 11:43:00AM 11:43:30AM 11:45:30AM 11:46:30AM 11:47:00AM 11:47:30AM 11:48:00AM 11:48:30AM
11:42:00AM 11:42:00AM 11:43:00AM 11:45:00AM 11:47:00AM 11:49:00AM 11:49:30AM 11:51:30AM 11:52:30AM 11:53:00AM 11:53:30AM 11:54:00AM 11:54:30AM
11:48:00AM 11:48:00AM 11:49:00AM 11:51:00AM 11:53:00AM 11:55:00AM 11:55:30AM 11:57:30AM 11:58:30AM 11:59:00AM 11:59:30AM 12:00:00PM 12:00:30PM
11:54:00AM 11:54:00AM 11:55:00AM 11:57:00AM 11:59:00AM 12:01:00PM 12:01:30PM 12:03:30PM 12:04:30PM 12:05:00PM 12:05:30PM 12:06:00PM 12:06:30PM
12:00:00PM 12:00:00PM 12:01:00PM 12:03:00PM 12:05:00PM 12:07:00PM 12:07:30PM 12:09:30PM 12:10:30PM 12:11:00PM 12:11:30PM 12:12:00PM 12:12:30PM
12:06:00PM 12:06:00PM 12:07:00PM 12:09:00PM 12:11:00PM 12:13:00PM 12:13:30PM 12:15:30PM 12:16:30PM 12:17:00PM 12:17:30PM 12:18:00PM 12:18:30PM
12:12:00PM 12:12:00PM 12:13:00PM 12:15:00PM 12:17:00PM 12:19:00PM 12:19:30PM 12:21:30PM 12:22:30PM 12:23:00PM 12:23:30PM 12:24:00PM 12:24:30PM
12:18:00PM 12:18:00PM 12:19:00PM 12:21:00PM 12:23:00PM 12:25:00PM 12:25:30PM 12:27:30PM 12:28:30PM 12:29:00PM 12:29:30PM 12:30:00PM 12:30:30PM
12:24:00PM 12:24:00PM 12:25:00PM 12:27:00PM 12:29:00PM 12:31:00PM 12:31:30PM 12:33:30PM 12:34:30PM 12:35:00PM 12:35:30PM 12:36:00PM 12:36:30PM
12:30:00PM 12:30:00PM 12:31:00PM 12:33:00PM 12:35:00PM 12:37:00PM 12:37:30PM 12:39:30PM 12:40:30PM 12:41:00PM 12:41:30PM 12:42:00PM 12:42:30PM
12:36:00PM 12:36:00PM 12:37:00PM 12:39:00PM 12:41:00PM 12:43:00PM 12:43:30PM 12:45:30PM 12:46:30PM 12:47:00PM 12:47:30PM 12:48:00PM 12:48:30PM
12:42:00PM 12:42:00PM 12:43:00PM 12:45:00PM 12:47:00PM 12:49:00PM 12:49:30PM 12:51:30PM 12:52:30PM 12:53:00PM 12:53:30PM 12:54:00PM 12:54:30PM
12:48:00PM 12:48:00PM 12:49:00PM 12:51:00PM 12:53:00PM 12:55:00PM 12:55:30PM 12:57:30PM 12:58:30PM 12:59:00PM 12:59:30PM 01:00:00PM 01:00:30PM
12:54:00PM 12:54:00PM 12:55:00PM 12:57:00PM 12:59:00PM 01:01:00PM 01:01:30PM 01:03:30PM 01:04:30PM 01:05:00PM 01:05:30PM 01:06:00PM 01:06:30PM
01:00:00PM 01:00:00PM 01:01:00PM 01:03:00PM 01:05:00PM 01:07:00PM 01:07:30PM 01:09:30PM 01:10:30PM 01:11:00PM 01:11:30PM 01:12:00PM 01:12:30PM
01:10:00PM 01:10:00PM 01:11:00PM 01:13:00PM 01:15:00PM 01:17:00PM 01:17:30PM 01:19:30PM 01:20:30PM 01:21:00PM 01:21:30PM 01:22:00PM 01:22:30PM
01:20:00PM 01:20:00PM 01:21:00PM 01:23:00PM 01:25:00PM 01:27:00PM 01:27:30PM 01:29:30PM 01:30:30PM 01:31:00PM 01:31:30PM 01:32:00PM 01:32:30PM
01:30:00PM 01:30:00PM 01:31:00PM 01:33:00PM 01:35:00PM 01:37:00PM 01:37:30PM 01:39:30PM 01:40:30PM 01:41:00PM 01:41:30PM 01:42:00PM 01:42:30PM
01:40:00PM 01:40:00PM 01:41:00PM 01:43:00PM 01:45:00PM 01:47:00PM 01:47:30PM 01:49:30PM 01:50:30PM 01:51:00PM 01:51:30PM 01:52:00PM 01:52:30PM
01:50:00PM 01:50:00PM 01:51:00PM 01:53:00PM 01:55:00PM 01:57:00PM 01:57:30PM 01:59:30PM 02:00:30PM 02:01:00PM 02:01:30PM 02:02:00PM 02:02:30PM
02:00:00PM 02:00:00PM 02:01:00PM 02:03:00PM 02:05:00PM 02:07:00PM 02:07:30PM 02:09:30PM 02:10:30PM 02:11:00PM 02:11:30PM 02:12:00PM 02:12:30PM
02:10:00PM 02:10:00PM 02:11:00PM 02:13:00PM 02:15:00PM 02:17:00PM 02:17:30PM 02:19:30PM 02:20:30PM 02:21:00PM 02:21:30PM 02:22:00PM 02:22:30PM
02:20:00PM 02:20:00PM 02:21:00PM 02:23:00PM 02:25:00PM 02:27:00PM 02:27:30PM 02:29:30PM 02:30:30PM 02:31:00PM 02:31:30PM 02:32:00PM 02:32:30PM
02:30:00PM 02:30:00PM 02:31:00PM 02:33:00PM 02:35:00PM 02:37:00PM 02:37:30PM 02:39:30PM 02:40:30PM 02:41:00PM 02:41:30PM 02:42:00PM 02:42:30PM
02:40:00PM 02:40:00PM 02:41:00PM 02:43:00PM 02:45:00PM 02:47:00PM 02:47:30PM 02:49:30PM 02:50:30PM 02:51:00PM 02:51:30PM 02:52:00PM 02:52:30PM
02:50:00PM 02:50:00PM 02:51:00PM 02:53:00PM 02:55:00PM 02:57:00PM 02:57:30PM 02:59:30PM 03:00:30PM 03:01:00PM 03:01:30PM 03:02:00PM 03:02:30PM
03:00:00PM 03:00:00PM 03:01:00PM 03:03:00PM 03:05:00PM 03:07:00PM 03:07:30PM 03:09:30PM 03:10:30PM 03:11:00PM 03:11:30PM 03:12:00PM 03:12:30PM
03:10:00PM 03:10:00PM 03:11:00PM 03:13:00PM 03:15:00PM 03:17:00PM 03:17:30PM 03:19:30PM 03:20:30PM 03:21:00PM 03:21:30PM 03:22:00PM 03:22:30PM
03:20:00PM 03:20:00PM 03:21:00PM 03:23:00PM 03:25:00PM 03:27:00PM 03:27:30PM 03:29:30PM 03:30:30PM 03:31:00PM 03:31:30PM 03:32:00PM 03:32:30PM
03:30:00PM 03:30:00PM 03:31:00PM 03:33:00PM 03:35:00PM 03:37:00PM 03:37:30PM 03:39:30PM 03:40:30PM 03:41:00PM 03:41:30PM 03:42:00PM 03:42:30PM
03:40:00PM 03:40:00PM 03:41:00PM 03:43:00PM 03:45:00PM 03:47:00PM 03:47:30PM 03:49:30PM 03:50:30PM 03:51:00PM 03:51:30PM 03:52:00PM 03:52:30PM
03:50:00PM 03:50:00PM 03:51:00PM 03:53:00PM 03:55:00PM 03:57:00PM 03:57:30PM 03:59:30PM 04:00:30PM 04:01:00PM 04:01:30PM 04:02:00PM 04:02:30PM
04:00:00PM 04:00:00PM 04:01:00PM 04:03:00PM 04:05:00PM 04:07:00PM 04:07:30PM 04:09:30PM 04:10:30PM 04:11:00PM 04:11:30PM 04:12:00PM 04:12:30PM
04:10:00PM 04:10:00PM 04:11:00PM 04:13:00PM 04:15:00PM 04:17:00PM 04:17:30PM 04:19:30PM 04:20:30PM 04:21:00PM 04:21:30PM 04:22:00PM 04:22:30PM
04:20:00PM 04:20:00PM 04:21:00PM 04:23:00PM 04:25:00PM 04:27:00PM 04:27:30PM 04:29:30PM 04:30:30PM 04:31:00PM 04:31:30PM 04:32:00PM 04:32:30PM
04:30:00PM 04:30:00PM 04:31:00PM 04:33:00PM 04:35:00PM 04:37:00PM 04:37:30PM 04:39:30PM 04:40:30PM 04:41:00PM 04:41:30PM 04:42:00PM 04:42:30PM
04:40:00PM 04:40:00PM 04:41:00PM 04:43:00PM 04:45:00PM 04:47:00PM 04:47:30PM 04:49:30PM 04:50:30PM 04:51:00PM 04:51:30PM 04:52:00PM 04:52:30PM
04:50:00PM 04:50:00PM 04:51:00PM 04:53:00PM 04:55:00PM 04:57:00PM 04:57:30PM 04:59:30PM 05:00:30PM 05:01:00PM 05:01:30PM 05:02:00PM 05:02:30PM
05:00:00PM 05:00:00PM 05:01:00PM 05:03:00PM 05:05:00PM 05:07:00PM 05:07:30PM 05:09:30PM 05:10:30PM 05:11:00PM 05:11:30PM 05:12:00PM 05:12:30PM
05:06:00PM 05:06:00PM 05:07:00PM 05:09:00PM 05:11:00PM 05:13:00PM 05:13:30PM 05:15:30PM 05:16:30PM 05:17:00PM 05:17:30PM 05:18:00PM 05:18:30PM
05:12:00PM 05:12:00PM 05:13:00PM 05:15:00PM 05:17:00PM 05:19:00PM 05:19:30PM 05:21:30PM 05:22:30PM 05:23:00PM 05:23:30PM 05:24:00PM 05:24:30PM
05:18:00PM 05:18:00PM 05:19:00PM 05:21:00PM 05:23:00PM 05:25:00PM 05:25:30PM 05:27:30PM 05:28:30PM 05:29:00PM 05:29:30PM 05:30:00PM 05:30:30PM
05:24:00PM 05:24:00PM 05:25:00PM 05:27:00PM 05:29:00PM 05:31:00PM 05:31:30PM 05:33:30PM 05:34:30PM 05:35:00PM 05:35:30PM 05:36:00PM 05:36:30PM
05:30:00PM 05:30:00PM 05:31:00PM 05:33:00PM 05:35:00PM 05:37:00PM 05:37:30PM 05:39:30PM 05:40:30PM 05:41:00PM 05:41:30PM 05:42:00PM 05:42:30PM
05:36:00PM 05:36:00PM 05:37:00PM 05:39:00PM 05:41:00PM 05:43:00PM 05:43:30PM 05:45:30PM 05:46:30PM 05:47:00PM 05:47:30PM 05:48:00PM 05:48:30PM
05:42:00PM 05:42:00PM 05:43:00PM 05:45:00PM 05:47:00PM 05:49:00PM 05:49:30PM 05:51:30PM 05:52:30PM 05:53:00PM 05:53:30PM 05:54:00PM 05:54:30PM
05:48:00PM 05:48:00PM 05:49:00PM 05:51:00PM 05:53:00PM 05:55:00PM 05:55:30PM 05:57:30PM 05:58:30PM 05:59:00PM 05:59:30PM 06:00:00PM 06:00:30PM
05:54:00PM 05:54:00PM 05:55:00PM 05:57:00PM 05:59:00PM 06:01:00PM 06:01:30PM 06:03:30PM 06:04:30PM 06:05:00PM 06:05:30PM 06:06:00PM 06:06:30PM
06:00:00PM 06:00:00PM 06:01:00PM 06:03:00PM 06:05:00PM 06:07:00PM 06:07:30PM 06:09:30PM 06:10:30PM 06:11:00PM 06:11:30PM 06:12:00PM 06:12:30PM
06:06:00PM 06:06:00PM 06:07:00PM 06:09:00PM 06:11:00PM 06:13:00PM 06:13:30PM 06:15:30PM 06:16:30PM 06:17:00PM 06:17:30PM 06:18:00PM 06:18:30PM
06:12:00PM 06:12:00PM 06:13:00PM 06:15:00PM 06:17:00PM 06:19:00PM 06:19:30PM 06:21:30PM 06:22:30PM 06:23:00PM 06:23:30PM 06:24:00PM 06:24:30PM
06:18:00PM 06:18:00PM 06:19:00PM 06:21:00PM 06:23:00PM 06:25:00PM 06:25:30PM 06:27:30PM 06:28:30PM 06:29:00PM 06:29:30PM 06:30:00PM 06:30:30PM
06:24:00PM 06:24:00PM 06:25:00PM 06:27:00PM 06:29:00PM 06:31:00PM 06:31:30PM 06:33:30PM 06:34:30PM 06:35:00PM 06:35:30PM 06:36:00PM 06:36:30PM
06:30:00PM 06:30:00PM 06:31:00PM 06:33:00PM 06:35:00PM 06:37:00PM 06:37:30PM 06:39:30PM 06:40:30PM 06:41:00PM 06:41:30PM 06:42:00PM 06:42:30PM
06:36:00PM 06:36:00PM 06:37:00PM 06:39:00PM 06:41:00PM 06:43:00PM 06:43:30PM 06:45:30PM 06:46:30PM 06:47:00PM 06:47:30PM 06:48:00PM 06:48:30PM
06:42:00PM 06:42:00PM 06:43:00PM 06:45:00PM 06:47:00PM 06:49:00PM 06:49:30PM 06:51:30PM 06:52:30PM 06:53:00PM 06:53:30PM 06:54:00PM 06:54:30PM
06:48:00PM 06:48:00PM 06:49:00PM 06:51:00PM 06:53:00PM 06:55:00PM 06:55:30PM 06:57:30PM 06:58:30PM 06:59:00PM 06:59:30PM 07:00:00PM 07:00:30PM
06:54:00PM 06:54:00PM 06:55:00PM 06:57:00PM 06:59:00PM 07:01:00PM 07:01:30PM 07:03:30PM 07:04:30PM 07:05:00PM 07:05:30PM 07:06:00PM 07:06:30PM
07:00:00PM 07:00:00PM 07:01:00PM 07:03:00PM 07:05:00PM 07:07:00PM 07:07:30PM 07:09:30PM 07:10:30PM 07:11:00PM 07:11:30PM 07:12:00PM 07:12:30PM
07:06:00PM 07:06:00PM 07:07:00PM 07:09:00PM 07:11:00PM 07:13:00PM 07:13:30PM 07:15:30PM 07:16:30PM 07:17:00PM 07:17:30PM 07:18:00PM 07:18:30PM
07:12:00PM 07:12:00PM 07:13:00PM 07:15:00PM 07:17:00PM 07:19:00PM 07:19:30PM 07:21:30PM 07:22:30PM 07:23:00PM 07:23:30PM 07:24:00PM 07:24:30PM
07:18:00PM 07:18:00PM 07:19:00PM 07:21:00PM 07:23:00PM 07:25:00PM 07:25:30PM 07:27:30PM 07:28:30PM 07:29:00PM 07:29:30PM 07:30:00PM 07:30:30PM
07:24:00PM 07:24:00PM 07:25:00PM 07:27:00PM 07:29:00PM 07:31:00PM 07:31:30PM 07:33:30PM 07:34:30PM 07:35:00PM 07:35:30PM 07:36:00PM 07:36:30PM
07:30:00PM 07:30:00PM 07:31:00PM 07:33:00PM 07:35:00PM 07:37:00PM 07:37:30PM 07:39:30PM 07:40:30PM 07:41:00PM 07:41:30PM 07:42:00PM 07:42:30PM
07:36:00PM 07:36:00PM 07:37:00PM 07:39:00PM 07:41:00PM 07:43:00PM 07:43:30PM 07:45:30PM 07:46:30PM 07:47:00PM 07:47:30PM 07:48:00PM 07:48:30PM
07:42:00PM 07:42:00PM 07:43:00PM 07:45:00PM 07:47:00PM 07:49:00PM 07:49:30PM 07:51:30PM 07:52:30PM 07:53:00PM 07:53:30PM 07:54:00PM 07:54:30PM
07:48:00PM 07:48:00PM 07:49:00PM 07:51:00PM 07:53:00PM 07:55:00PM 07:55:30PM 07:57:30PM 07:58:30PM 07:59:00PM 07:59:30PM 08:00:00PM 08:00:30PM
07:54:00PM 07:54:00PM 07:55:00PM 07:57:00PM 07:59:00PM 08:01:00PM 08:01:30PM 08:03:30PM 08:04:30PM 08:05:00PM 08:05:30PM 08:06:00PM 08:06:30PM
08:00:00PM 08:00:00PM 08:01:00PM 08:03:00PM 08:05:00PM 08:07:00PM 08:07:30PM 08:09:30PM 08:10:30PM 08:11:00PM 08:11:30PM 08:12:00PM 08:12:30PM
08:10:00PM 08:10:00PM 08:11:00PM 08:13:00PM 08:15:00PM 08:17:00PM 08:17:30PM 08:19:30PM 08:20:30PM 08:21:00PM 08:21:30PM 08:22:00PM 08:22:30PM
08:20:00PM 08:20:00PM 08:21:00PM 08:23:00PM 08:25:00PM 08:27:00PM 08:27:30PM 08:29:30PM 08:30:30PM 08:31:00PM 08:31:30PM 08:32:00PM 08:32:30PM
08:30:00PM 08:30:00PM 08:31:00PM 08:33:00PM 08:35:00PM 08:37:00PM 08:37:30PM 08:39:30PM 08:40:30PM 08:41:00PM 08:41:30PM 08:42:00PM 08:42:30PM
08:40:00PM 08:40:00PM 08:41:00PM 08:43:00PM 08:45:00PM 08:47:00PM 08:47:30PM 08:49:30PM 08:50:30PM 08:51:00PM 08:51:30PM 08:52:00PM 08:52:30PM
08:50:00PM 08:50:00PM 08:51:00PM 08:53:00PM 08:55:00PM 08:57:00PM 08:57:30PM 08:59:30PM 09:00:30PM 09:01:00PM 09:01:30PM 09:02:00PM 09:02:30PM
09:00:00PM 09:00:00PM 09:01:00PM 09:03:00PM 09:05:00PM 09:07:00PM 09:07:30PM 09:09:30PM 09:10:30PM 09:11:00PM 09:11:30PM 09:12:00PM 09:12:30PM
09:10:00PM 09:10:00PM 09:11:00PM 09:13:00PM 09:15:00PM 09:17:00PM 09:17:30PM 09:19:30PM 09:20:30PM 09:21:00PM 09:21:30PM 09:22:00PM 09:22:30PM
09:20:00PM 09:20:00PM 09:21:00PM 09:23:00PM 09:25:00PM 09:27:00PM 09:27:30PM 09:29:30PM 09:30:30PM 09:31:00PM 09:31:30PM 09:32:00PM 09:32:30PM
09:30:00PM 09:30:00PM 09:31:00PM 09:33:00PM 09:35:00PM 09:37:00PM 09:37:30PM 09:39:30PM 09:40:30PM 09:41:00PM 09:41:30PM 09:42:00PM 09:42:30PM
09:40:00PM 09:40:00PM 09:41:00PM 09:43:00PM 09:45:00PM 09:47:00PM 09:47:30PM 09:49:30PM 09:50:30PM 09:51:00PM 09:51:30PM 09:52:00PM 09:52:30PM
09:50:00PM 09:50:00PM 09:51:00PM 09:53:00PM 09:55:00PM 09:57:00PM 09:57:30PM 09:59:30PM 10:00:30PM 10:01:00PM 10:01:30PM 10:02:00PM 10:02:30PM
Times taken between the stops(second) 60 120 120 120 30 120 60 30 30 30 30

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